About Us

Our History: The Formula for Success

Our founders spent over twenty-five years in the human resource management space with a significant focus on talent acquisition and organizational development.

Warren Cook, our Chief Talent Officer, is a human resource management subject matter expert who dedicates his career to helping businesses achieve success through the implementation of effective and efficient employment practices. In 2015, with Co-Founder Jennifer Cook, a Human Resource Management Consulting Firm (SymbianceHR) was launched to meet the human resource management needs of the small business community. It has always been a passion of Jennifer Cook, President & CEO of SymbianceHiRe and Warren to support the growth and continued success of our clients, creating a mutually beneficial relationship with a focus on solving human resource challenges that impede success.

We believe that Talent Acquisition – the identification, selection, hiring and onboarding of qualified high potential employees – is a critical success factor for organizations to attract and retain the best talent to remain competitive in the marketplace. We also believe that there is a real gap in the internal capabilities of many organizations in possessing the necessary time, resources and expertise to develop, implement and sustain an effective talent acquisition program.

By June of 2019 a significant portion of our consulting clients, experiencing tremendous growth, began leveraging our decades of experience to manage their talent acquisition programs on a consulting basis. This shift reinforced our plans and desire to launch a new SymbianceHR vertical service that we named SymbianceHiRe. We retained the “Symbiance” portion of the name to emphasize our continued commitment to establishing long term symbiotic relationships with our clients.

Our Team

With a passion for people and client success, our professionals teamed up to bring our clients strategic, effective, and personalized talent acquisition programs and services.

Jennifer Cook




Daniel Schmitt

Talent Acquisition Manager



Warren Cook

Chief Talent Officer