Direct Placement

Direct Placement: Contingent / Retained Staffing 

When your talent acquisition program is simply not meeting your expectations, it is time to identify the right partner who can provide the right talent that fits your organization. Our service model is designed to understand your business culture and the specific requirements of the position effectively enough to match the right applicant for your vacancy.

The right applicant means someone who shares common values, ethics, and work behaviors to achieve success in your organization. We strive to be your talent acquisition partner, complementing, not competing with, your internal resources responsible for talent acquisition.

With simple service agreements, high level of client engagement and extensive subject matter expertise SymbianceHiRe is ready to be your talent acquisition partner of choice.


A contingent search requires no initial cost to the client.  There is an established and agreed upon placement fee generally 25% – 30% of the annual compensation due upon acceptance and start of a new position.


A retained or blended search requires the client to pay a fee to our firm for our time and services in addition to a placement fee.  In this situation, there could be a flat fee for the entire search payable at different stages.  Another method is to have an initial deposit against the contingent fee and when the position is filled only the balance of the fee is due.  This approach often benefits from a focused dedicated approach to finding applicants since both parties have mutual interest and resources invested in the talent acquisition search.